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So how are we all doing tonight?

I have been a busy bee with making new products that I really hope you will like on our site!

Our silver jewellery is really popular, so I have been creating some new styles of which these will be posted very soon! I have also been making some more Resin work, which will be more to do with occasions and special moments that you want to send to your friends and loved ones. These will be in frames that I have hand painted and filled with some beautiful ideas that I really do hope you like, It is so hard to know what our customers like and what you want, so if you ever have anything that is not on our site but you would like then please I would love to know!

As a creative person I love to try new things with resin and I think these new items I have made will appeal to you all and as always, I enjoy all that I make and all are made with great care.

As some of the flowers are coming to an end I have been trying to collect as many as I can to dry and use for my resin work over the winter! I love to use as you know lots of real flowers and petals in my work. So, it’s a great time to start to collect!

Hope you like our new range of footwear jewellery, which you may have seen when we have been at the Norwegian Church. these are also great for on your coat zip, bag or anywhere really!!

Well if anyone does read my blogs then please it would be great to get a like or some feedback so I know you are out there lol!

Thank you all

S 😊

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