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Butterflies !

Good morning!

Well after a lovely day yesterday, what has happened to the weather today! ☹

Kept busy yesterday in the heat! Sanding and painting for a new addition to the jewellery collection so watch this space for that, we are hoping to get these completed next week and would be great to get your feedback on them! Something slightly different to the collection but again something that we thought would be nice to add to our site.

Hoping you are all doing ok and looks like you are looking at our website and not sure if anyone reads these posts though? Lol

The other day, I wanted to collect some more petals and leaves and explored the Buddleia bush that is blooming at the moment with flowers and it really is attracting the butterflies! We must have counted about 20!! I have picked one of the pictures to share with you, so please let me know what you think! I have captured some of the flower heads to dry out and use in the resin work, these will look amazing in some of the work I am thinking of doing next week! I have also been using some of the dried petals I collected a few months ago, as you know I like to use as many petals and leaves that we have around us and use in my work.

So today, I will carry on with some painting and resin work, ready for next week!

Thank you all again for taking the time to read this and view our website!

Take care, stay Safe

S 😊

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