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First Day!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

After an exciting day yesterday of the launch of our website, it was great to receive so many lovely comments and posts about our site! So thank you so much for that !

As you know its been a long time in progress and we are relieved that we got it done and out here for you, while we miss the events and seeing you all, we hope that those of you that have already met us and seen our stand at the events and enjoyed having a chat, we hope that you will have seen our work on display and for sale! My work does not change in the pride I have for it as well as the quality. Seeing our customers at these events with our jewellery on or bought for a gift makes our day! This website will hopefully still bring that to you in a virtual way and as you know my work you will know what its like.

Moving on now from the launch day, I already have many new products to pop on the site and a lot that are in completion, drying etc! so I hope you keep popping onto the site for a look at what is new and what new things are coming soon!

We will have some new gift ideas for you over the next few weeks and we hope that you enjoy them and like what we are doing.

As you know if you have read our “about us page” that we now plant a tree for every sale, so if you would like a tree planted you know what to do!! We take this very seriously and would like you to be a part of this.

Thank you and keep watching for more updates!

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