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Going Live!

So, its going live day today! 19th July 2020! gosh its been a long time coming but got there in the end! Lots of customers whom have had our business cards for a long time, thank you if you still have them!!! please pop on and take a look around! even though its gone live today, it now needs google to do its thing and I am sure I will have something more to do!

As I clicked the button to go live , I already had things on there that I can pop on the site, always work being made and in different stages of completion! so I thought every week I will pop on and add new things to the site! I already have some new greeting cards ready to pop on the site as well as dishes and coasters! so please keep watching!!

Thank you to you all for going to our facebook page and showing an interest in what we are up to and about!

I will be posting each week, explaining what is going on and what new things are coming out, promotions and discounts to look out for! I will also be showing some videos of how I make things as well as talking and showing you all about different gemstones and stones that I use, the history behind them and where they come from, as well as the meanings behind the names etc!

So its 10.15pm on launch day and now we wait!!..................................... so please when we go live drop me a message to let me know what you think of the site! we will of course be adding new products each week, as you know we take commissions so please drop us a message if you need anything made to size! a gift for someone!

Please keep looking for our next post! and thank you! x

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