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New Website!

Well, Its December 2019 and we are busy working on our new website! Its been a while in the making but we are getting there. !! In actual fact if any of you are thinking of creating your own website then, I strongly recommend that you work on it, then leave it for a while, as we are new to creating websites, so we have made many changes and will also make changes when we go "live" !! so........... to all those lovely customers that have bought from us over the last few months at events, you have our business cards and you have been trying to log in to our site!! well "under construction words " will be soon a thing of the past!! we hope! so, we thank you for sticking with us and, well we hope when we go live you like it!

So Christmas is over! New Year around the corner! so we are in the process of exploring new materials for our work on the jewellery, so we will be blogging soon about those and getting your feedback to your thoughts and what you like and do not like! so please watch this space and will be back soon- Thanks again Sharon

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