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Good morning

Well a new addition to Home Farm Jewellery which we hope your going to love!

Sterling silver or non tarnish rings are now available for you!

All made to order and with or without a stone! I've been wanting to make rings for many years but other Jewellery has taken up my time and now it's time to share one of my passions with you in ring making!

To start with I just have a small selection that I'm starting with and you will be able to pick the size you like and I will take pride in making it for you or a gift for a friend I thought I would make a choice available of wire as some of my customers prefer the non tarnish wire which is hard wearing and affordable . While Sterling Silver offers the slightly more expensive option but as we know also very nice. In time I would like to expand to using other metals such as Platinum which offers a non tarnish attraction as well as a very durable metal and stronger than gold! 😬 which you may know gains a Petina finish in time and good for hiding scratches!! The drawback with Platinum is that is can be more expensive than gold!! So I'm open to looking at other metals such as Titanuim, Palladium,Ceramic as well as Cobalt which is not that popular in the Jewellery world but is a great metal fir Jewellery making and looks like White Gold!

So all the above is all very exciting and cant wait to know what you think and share with you.

Thanks all!!❤

Stay safe xx

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