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Caring for your jewellery

Here are some top tips to help you care for your jewellery and what will help them stay beautiful for longer with these easy steps!

  • Remove rings when washing your hands, applying beauty products, cleaning the house, or applying lotions to keep the settings grime-free, try to apply perfume before and not after putting on your jewellery it really will help!

  • Don’t wear jewellery while swimming . Its so easy to keep your jewellery on and not take time to remove it but chlorine and saltwater can damage any jewellery.

  • Wipe pearls with a soft cloth after each wear to remove body oils and perfume that can yellow your jewellery always take time to wipe them at the end of each day, this few minutes will help stop yellowing which happens with pearls.

  • Don't let silver sit in your jewellery box! did yo know jewellery becomes shinier the more it's worn (the friction slows down tarnishing) so jewellery left in a jewellery box need to be kept in an anti-tarnishing bag when you’re not wearing it, this will prevent tarnishing especially in an enclosed box!

  • Get valuable jewellery checked regularly by a reputable jeweller to make sure the stones are in good shape and the settings are secure. This will give you piece of mind and save any upset if a stone etc was to drop out. Thank you Sharon :)

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