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Knotted wire ring

Knotted wire ring


Hand made Silver plated or Sterling Silver beautiful wire work ring makes for that beautiful gift for anyone! with a twisted spiral look I have created a beautiful style ring that is simple but just so lovely! 

> Made from Silver plated round or Sterlng silver round wire

> Single band

> Each ring is made to order and unique to you, so there will be slight differences to the picture shown as they are all unique, however will be of the same style

> Also available in a Sterling Silver wire which you can select the metal and size  at the checkout!

> Lots of sizes available- all hand made just for you!

> Size of Stone of twist is approx 10mm

> Overall size around the stone- 10mm aprox x 10mm

I have enjoyed creating this ring, while the rings will be of the same nature they may vary slightly when I make them as I go with how the wire likes to feel but they will be of the same style and design.

I hope that you enjoy this ring as I have making it 

> All rings come in a beautiful ring box

> We offer free local delivery as well as postage to any location

Thank you

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